Purveyors of fun in Historic
Downtown Snohomish

Beverly Crusher at 2023 Snohomish Block Party

Snohomish Block Party is a highly anticipated and beloved two-day community festival on August 23 & 24, 2024. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization and are passionately committed to fostering creativity, connection, and community spirit.

    Our mission is to bring people together through vibrant events that celebrate music, art, and local culture.

    We are committed to achieving our mission by:

    Empowering Artists: We provide a dynamic platform for musicians and artists, both established and emerging.

    Building Bridges: Collaboration forges meaningful partnerships with local businesses, artists, and community to create a network that uplifts all. Together we amplify impact and contribute to a thriving local economic ecosystem.

    Supporting Youth Creativity: The future lies in the hands of our youth. We dedicate space for talented young musicians to share their creativity and passion, while also providing financial support to programs that foster this abundance.

    Sharing Inclusive and Memorable Experiences: Our events are more than just gatherings; they are inclusive celebrations where everyone is welcome. Through diverse performances, interactive experiences, and engaging events, we inspire and uplift our community.

    Snohomish Block Party transforms historic downtown Snohomish into a vibrant gathering space each summer, drawing people in from across the Puget Sound region. Less than 40 minutes away from both Seattle and Bellevue, and a brief 15-minute drive from Everett, getting to Snohomish Block Party is convenient – no matter where you’re starting from.